It takes a variety of different elements to make a successful commercial video. Making a video for your business is not only about getting yourself in front of the camera and pressing the record button - there are so many steps that have to be taken as part of the entire video production process.


There is our entire process, it contains 3 main steps: pre-production, production and post-production.


Believe us, the last thing you want to do is to try to skip steps to save time - all the small steps matter to the final video!


At the beginning: consultation

Lets talk about your frame first: what/why/who/when/where and how!

What: video strategy/goals

Why: why you need a video?

Who: who are you and who for?

When: when do you need it?

Where: where do you want us to film (your location or studio)?

How: we will need to talk about what is your budget, your target audience and exactly how you want the video to be.

This is the stage where we talk to each other to learn about your ideas and what your company does.

During this stage, we will make sure we understand your company history and culture, its visions and goals, its obstacles and expectations, in order to come up with a precise video production plan which meet your budget.

Stage 1: Pre-Production - Preparation 

Talking, Research, Scripting… A stage of understanding what you need.

Typically, pre-production is when all ideas are brought together into a film project proposal/plan and the goals/objectives of your video are well established. Planning for a video project is one of the most important steps in Pre-Production.

After we had the initial consultation, we should have already signed a contract for the service we agreed to move forward on your project.

During this stage,  we will dive into your business to the necessary research and planning to set your video project up to be successful. We collaborate to transform your core messages and stories into video content. Overall, we will be coming up with a unique project proposal which matches your requirements - it will show that we understand your video production needs and demonstrate our media production experience, creativity and talent. After recieving this proposal, you will have an idea of what the video will look like for not to avoid further misunderstanding.

Once you’ve reviewed and approved the project proposal AND most importantly... feeling comfortable to work with us...


then we are ready to ROLL!

However, if it doesn't meet your needs, we are always happy to make any adjustments and improvements requested. 

Stage 2: Production- Filming

Making a film plan, schedule the filming date and... action!

Let's Roll!

Once you’re happy with the project proposal and budget, this is where we start to conceptualize and craft the messages, develop the script and prepare the production schedule. 

Following that, we will need to set up a production meeting where we delve deep into the detail of the project. This also gives us a chance to get a much better understanding of the core of your business, your brand values and the tone that you want to communicate with your audience, along with obviously the specific messages you need to get across.

We will make sure everything is perfect. The camera, the lighting, the audio, the composition, the location and interviewer. Many of our videos involve candid interviews with characters who tell their story or perspective.

If voice-over is required, we have full scripting capabilities and an a-list of premium voice over talents available.

Once the script and filming schedules are approved, the video shoot begins! 

Stage 3: Post-Production - Editing

Edits, revisions, approvals - DONE!

It's time to stitch everything together!

Once all the footage has been shot and any other additional elements have been gathered (archival footage, still photography, etc), then we can start to piece your story together with editing. The length of this stage varies, with different video content requiring different amounts of post-production time.

Post Production is the editing phase, we use the latest software (Final Cut Pro, DaVinci 16, Logic Pro) to edit your videos and will use YouTube/Vimeo to allow clients to view drafts of their video. This makes suggesting any changes a precise, quick and efficient process.

Once the revisions have been made and the final approval has been received, we will start packaging the final master file. We have the ability to provide you with a format for any platform: Blu-ray DVD, Flashdrive, a downloadable link, a digital copy in a USB drive. We will ensure faultless playback of your video on any platform. Once your video has been tested and packaged, we deliver it to you with a big smile!

Every production company and video project is different - no matter what kind of video you are looking for, talk to our team!

Together, we will create a perfect video for your business! 

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